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“Finally a place of our own.” Dillon leaned in for a kiss and I couldn’t help wrapping my arms around the man I loved so dearly.

It had been a difficult year since my 21st birthday when I was to receive my inheritance from my late Aunt Darla. My parents had objected the will saying that Aunt Darla was unstable when she wrote it, so it was dragged through court and I was left helpless to my parents meddling. Things between Dillon and I had hit a low, he couldn’t take seeing my parents reduce me to tears which lead to a fight where a window was shattered. Police had become involved, my parents were filing a restraining order as they feared for their safety and before I knew it I was back under my parent’s control again.

My visits with Dillon had always been secretive and our time was limited, we both didn’t have the money needed to run away, so we were stuck with the life that had been dealt to us. It had been a few months later that Dillon suggested that when the money from Aunt Darla’s will was released that we leave, run away from our problems in Aurora Skies and start fresh, just the two of us. A plan was created that day and 7 months later when the money was deposited into my account, I packed a bag and met Dillon at the airport where we randomly chose a spot on the map and decided to make it our home.

My parents no longer had a tight hold on my life as I wasn’t under their roof anymore, it was amazing how free I felt now, to live my own life as I see fit.

Now here we stood, wrapped in each other’s arms on the porch of our home, miles away from our problems, ready to live our life together.


As I walked around the corner towards where Dillon was seated on the couch, I was becoming more and more apprehensive. I was taught in my parents household that children should be seen but not heard, so my opinion never mattered. I knew it mattered to Dillon but sharing my thoughts was hard, after being taught to suppress them for years it was hard to let them out. I ended up just standing there awkwardly playing with my hands.

“Lora, I know you have something on your mind.” Dillon looked up from his spot on the couch, I always forgot that he knew me so well. “It’s okay you know.” He just smiled and I knew then that he was right, my parents were miles away and I could finally live my life.

“I was thinking about getting a job.” As soon as the words fell from my lips I felt relieved but this gut retching feeling took over. What if he says no or something worse..

“Hey, hey Lora don’t draw away from me.” He knew I was pulling away.


He got off the couch and walked towards me putting his right hand on my arm but keeping his distance, he knew how I felt without me saying. “If that’s what you want but why don’t you take sometime to think about it, we’ll get a newspaper and you can take a look with what’s available and see what you like. In the meantime, why don’t we take a trip into town. Look around and get familiar with our new home.”

He was right, maybe I was getting ahead of myself. I was painfully shy and being around people I didn’t know sent me into a panic attack. It amazed me that he didn’t have to say it, make my more aware of my shyness and I knew the meaning behind this words, they comforted me. “Yes, I think you’re right.”

Dillon smiled before leaning in for a kiss, “I’ll grab the car keys and meet you outside.”


 We headed towards the heart of St. Manolia, heading to shopping center to walk around and window shop. The scenery was gorgeous as we drove, with each bend in the road there was another beautiful sight. From the lush trees that spread out over the hills or the sea view that was endless.

We couldn’t of picked a better place to live and even though it was tropical island, it still experiences all 4 seasons, even if for a small amount of time. Though I do wish for snow on Christmas, as a child it always snowed and we had long winters, though I wouldn’t mind a shorter winter. I wasn’t a fan of the cold.


We walked around the shopping center for a bit before venturing through the streets of St. Manolia, the island was truly breathtaking.

“What do you think so far?’ Dillon asked as we walked hand in hand, he was my rock and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I was truly lucky to of found the perfect man for the first time, no endless boyfriends or partners. He was the one I planned to have a happily ever after with, my prince charming.

“It’s beautiful, I’m just glad I get to experience it with you.” He smiled, Dillon wasn’t one to show his emotions much. He kept them well guarded, even from me but over the last two years he was slowly starting to open up more.

“I’m glad. You about ready to head back? The sun is beginning to set and I want to get an early start on the renovations tomorrow. You up for it?”

“Nothing big, right?” The house was perfect, I thought it would lose the appeal that first drew us to it but I didn’t say anything. Old habits died hard.

Dillon chuckled, “You have nothing to worry, the structural design will stay the same. The inside needs a new coat of paint, new flooring and I’m sure you are itching to redesign the interior furnishings.”

Again, he knew me so well it startled me sometimes.

We then started towards the car, time to go home. The term was so knew but it felt so right, Dillon was where home was and that was here in St. Manolia.


After showering and crawling into bed, I lay there awake for sometime before Dillon turned toward me. “Can’t sleep?” He asked in a groggy tone, my tossing and turning must of woke him.

“Ya, it’s just so foreign to be laying here with you in the bare essentials in our home. It’s just so new to me, like I know we’ve slept together in each others arms but there was always company and ya.. I’m just rambling.”

He gave me one of his half grin smiles, “come here.”

I slide closer towards him as he wrapped his arm around me, it was new but he was so familiar that as I breathed in his old spice body wash that when I closed me eyes I was out.



“I think we out did ourselves, what do you think?” Dillon asked as he wrapped an arm around me, pulling me tight against him. He was right, we out did ourselves with the renovations and we had only done the down stairs. Our house was starting to look like a home.

“I agree, though I hate that we have no one to share it with.” It was sad to think that it was only us, I had no other loved one to share this adventure with. The one close relative had been Aunt Darla but she had been deceased for sometime, I would never be able to visit her grave again as it resided in Aurora Skies.

Dillon sighed beside me.


“There is someone.” Now I was intrigued, Dillon didn’t speak about his family and I knew he didn’t win any popularity contests, he was a loner by nature.

I didn’t want to spook him, he never shared much so I figured I’d let him tell me at this own pace. I just laid my head on his shoulder as he took a deep breath.

“My brother, my twin Rubin, just before we left town he got in contact with me but I haven’t had the nerve to call the number he left. He wants to meet.” A brother, a twin to be exact. It was a shock, I didn’t know this about the man I loved so much and was beginning to start a life with. I knew Dillon didn’t say much but I’m sure he wouldn’t leave out that he had a twin.

“I didn’t know you had a brother, though I’m behind you completely if you do chose to reach out him.” All I could do was offer my moral support, it must be hard as I would assume they’re not close if they haven’t been in contact for some time.

“I think I do, what would you say if I invited him out here for a weekend?”

“I think it’s perfect, we can set up one of the spare rooms and don’t forget to ask if he has a girlfriend or wife, she’s welcome as well.” I was getting excited with the idea of having company, I was becoming stir-crazy.

Dillon smiled, “I’ll get the number and give him a call and Lora?”


“Love you.” It was the first time he had ever spoke the L word to me and all I could do was stand their with tears in my eyes threatening to escape.

|   Dillon's POV   |


“Hello, Rubin speaking.” The voice that came across the phone wasn’t the one I once knew, it was now deep and rich.

“Hey bro, it’s Dillon.” I felt like a fool answering like that, Rubin had answered so professional.

“Finally! Took you long enough, how’s it been little bro?”

“I’ve been held up, issues with the girlfriends parents and moving.” It wasn’t a complete lie.

“You’ve got a girl! Now this I have got to see!” I see Rubin still hadn’t changed, he was always the ladies man while I was the loner.

“That’s why I was calling, Lora and I would like to invite you and if you have a girl as well.” It sounded like a great idea and Lora was happy but I knew deep down once the words had been spoken that this wasn’t going to end well. There was a reason Rubin and I were not close, he was the trouble maker while I was his fall guy.


“Yes, of course! Nani and I would love to visit, it’s been forever since we’ve seen each other. Just text me the where and we’ll be there by the weekend.” Rubin seemed quite happy, maybe it was time that I put the past behind me and move on.”

“Okay, will do bro.” With that, I disconnected the call.

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